We will be celebrating our 60th anniversary in 2015, which is quite an achievement considering we have been having weekly Thursday meetings since 1955, when a group of Lambretta owners decided to form a club after a trip to Windsor Castle.

It might seem surprising now but meetings first took place in a Church Hall in Luton, with a membership of 60 + men and women.

Interests within the club were largely split between members taking part in weekend ride outs and rallies and scooter sport in all forms.
Many members competed regularly at the Isle of Man scooter week, reliability trials, scrambling and track racing, and it was their exploits that kept the club going in the “lean” 1970’s scooter scene.

In more recent times we have been involved in the organisation of many different events, including scooter meets , namely the Beds Scooter Scene at Henlow that has evolved into the Pilgrims SC, and the Watling Street Meet in Dunstable though the latter seems to have leaned off in recent years.
Also scooter scrambling , skill rides and road trials, all helping to bring the local scooter community together.

We are a small group of scooterists in the Luton area, and are part of a club that goes back 60 years when Scootering as we know it first started.

Originally a Lambretta only club, but for a long time now an “all makes” scooter club, with a fair range of makes, both old and new.

We are involved in the Herts, Beds and Bucks scooter scene, and attend many ride outs, meetings, and social gatherings regularly, as well as national and international events.

We have a wide range of ages, backgrounds and experiences, but are bonded together by our love of little wheeled, sometimes infuriating, but stylish scooters.

If you are the same and fancy some moral support and friendship, please browse our latest programme of events on the site, and come down for a pint and a chat with like minded fools!

Look forward to seeing you.